Thursday, March 10, 2011


The objective of the Sahara Forest Project is to develop and deploy an integrated, large scale system for reforestation and creation of green jobs through profitable production of food, freshwater, biofuels and electricity.

The result is: Restorative growth. The inputs are simple and abundant: Nutrients, sunlight and seawater.
The processes integrated into the Sahara Forest Project will work optimally under sunny and arid conditions. The unique benefit of the system arises synergistically from the integration of proven technologies: Seawater Greenhouses Seawater greenhouses allow the production of freshwater from seawater, and provide a cool and humid micro-climate well-suited for food and biomass production. Seawater greenhouses have already been built in some of the hottest regions on earth.
Concentrated Solar Power Concentrated solar power uses solar radiation to produce heat and power, and is the fastest growing technology for harvesting solar energy in the world.
The Sahara Forest Project will allow for production of high quality crops, both inside and outside of the Seawater Greenhouses.
The team behind The Sahara Forest Project comprises award-winning experts from Exploration Architecture, Seawater Greenhouse, Max Fordham Consulting Engineers and The Bellona Foundation.


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