Monday, January 3, 2011

Urban Renewal of an Abandoned Quarry

Published Project:

A narrative on abandoned urban spaces too new to be re-told, not too old to be left desolate, unfortunately like this. Blasted by the past and lacking impetus to thrive, these tainted sites create urban spaces, which are quarried by their poisons and their pasts. Abused, abandoned, underused, With, heavy metals, lead dynamites, RDX, and what not; traversed by plumes of oil, and with the wrong pasts; these stand alone. Overages, it seems, these poisonous places are far off from even being thought of revival. The word and the concept of restoring abandoned quarry spaces can only be understood by considering their origin, the green benchmarks that they were. A quarry site gives us an inspiring sense of place, the contours speak for the life on the edge, and the standing boulders give us the sense of balance, confidence and strength. Hence making an abandoned quarry site, in itself a place to create a community which can feel the dimensions of life. A gradual improvement from an abandoned land to a land holding an urban mass would show its adaptability to surroundings when presently it is just left to perish in time.


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